Citizen Participation: stories of practice

Citizen Participation: stories of practice: An agenda-setting conversation café
Introduced by: Oliver Escobar # Public Policy Network
Date and Time
13th Jan 2011 16:0013th Jan 2011 18:00
David Hume Tower, conference room

In the last decade we have seen an increasing effort to ‘engage publics’, ‘involve communities’, and in general to encourage citizen participation in governance. This has taken place in diverse policy areas: local government, NHS, science and technology.  Yet, despite all the work on the ground, there seems to be a lack of spaces for cross-cutting dialogue between different areas of practice, as well as between practitioners and researchers.

This agenda-setting event aims at opening such space. The idea is to gather people interested on practices of citizen participation. We will start by listening to short stories of practice, told by practitioners from different policy contexts. Then we will engage in an open conversation around emerging themes and shared challenges, which will be taken forward in setting up the agenda for our future events on the subject.

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